Marketing Services – Other Products:

To harness its marketing infrastructure, experience and expertise, we have decided to offer third party marketing services. This would harness our marketing channel and reach to the customers. With our very long association with the decision makers in the wire & cable industry, power cords, molding industry and many more such industries, using PVC compounds, we are in a position to launch the products which are used by these industries – very effectively and efficiently.

We are already representing a number of Indian and Overseas products, in India and Sri Lanka, through our marketing channel, to the utmost satisfaction of our principals and customers.

We invite, from interested parties from India or overseas, who are willing to utilize our expertise and harness our established marketing channels, to send us proposals with complete product details. We confirm the utmost attention to your proposal and assure you of a mutually satisfying and beneficial business relation.

You may contact us at to proceed further in the matter and on a path to great business relationship.