Development & Testing Services – PVC Compounds

Over the last 3 decades, that we are in PVC Compounding business, we have developed a great deal of in – house expertise in formulating, developing and testing of PVC Compounds and Color Master Batches. Our core competence is offering customized PVC Compounds, including PVC Nitrile blends and Color Master Batches. To harness this infrastructure, experience and expertise of ours, we are offering Development, Testing and Pilot Plant Production services to the desirous parties.

We can offer, based on the inputs like specifications and end – use requirements, the complete Formulation and Development services, including Pilot Plant production at our facilities. This service can be extended to commercial production at the customers' place, if required.

We have a total Research & Development set up, including a Pilot Plant and a full fledged Quality Assurance Laboratory. This is backed by decades of in-house experience of developing customized compounding solutions, trained and dedicated personnel, and commercial acumen to offer most economical and cost effective compounding solution without compromising the quality or the end – usage requirements.

We invite, from interested parties from India or overseas, who are willing to utilize these services, to send us proposals with complete product details in terms of specifications and / or end –usage requirements. We confirm the utmost attention to your proposal and assure you of a mutually satisfying and beneficial business relation.

You may contact us at to proceed further in the matter and on a path to great business relationship.