Customer First

Premier position and achievement of Anukampa Polymers & Tech P Ltd is attributed to its philosophy of "Customer First" that has led to development of the strategy to grow and develop closely with its customers to enhance mutual benefits thereby resulting in continuous support with repeat order as well the status of first-choice-supplier for any new and emerging requirement.

Managing Total Quality

As a customer focused company, we are organized to meet customer expectations. Through constant dialogue, we obtain a synergy essential for continuous product development, improvement and innovation. This allows us optimum use of our expertise in each particular market.

Our employees are trained to solve and avoid problems and to continuously improve our operations and thus the products that we offer. Our Development and Production facilities are ISO 9000 certified thus assuring a quality that is consistent.

Research and Development

Our Design and Development expertise is the backbone of our high performance PVC Compounds, TPEs and Color Master Batches. We provide pro-active and responsive technical support, product development and product establishment at the customers' place.

We take pride in our expertise to formulate specific PVC Compounds to meet client's requirement and specifications through research and development and quality management system.

We have an updated research and development set up, including a pilot plant, backed by a comprehensive quality assurance set up, to design and develop PVC Compounds (colored or natural), PVC NBR / ABS blends or Color Master Batches.

Responsible Organization

Anukampa is committed to be a responsible and responsive organization which is aware about its environmental responsibilities. We are in the forefront to design and develop non-toxic PVC compounds to meet the challenging and ever-evolving needs of the market by continuously developing and keeping us abreast of the latest in the technology.